Settlement February 2020

Prior to committing to buy the Beach Hotel, we were curious about you and conducted community focus groups with long term, medium term and short term residents. We learned a lot, but not nearly enough.

We want to hear more about the Byron communities' values, concerns and aspirations for the area and for the hotel.

What we have learned so far has informed our aspiration for this property ...

Byron Beach Hotel

Our aspiration is... 'To transcend the Byron vibe through a world class hospitality experience'

Beach Hotel Byron

Through our own experiences and what you have told us, we believe the 'Byron Vibe' to be ...

'Where non-pretentiousness and openness deliver a freedom that equates to a natural and deeper spiritual connection to life, artistry and each other.'

This means much to us and we would like to know if it means as much to you. Our intention with the property is to invest further in a major refurbishment, develop local hospitality talent and community leadership to see out and deliver this aspiration.

We need your help to do this.

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